Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

There are two main booking channels to make a reservation, email and telephone.

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 400-888-1336
  • Monday-Friday: 8:00am-8:00pm
  • Weekend & Public Holidays: 9:00am-6:00pm
A confirmation email with a confirmation # will be sent to your email address
Contact the Hertz reservation team via email or telephone, provide your Hertz confirmation # and the relevant details of the change
Contact the Hertz reservation team via email or telephone and provide your Hertz confirmation #.

I. Airport Transfers
- Pickup from airport or drop-off to airport

II. Half-day rental
- Allows passenger to use vehicle/driver for 4 hours

III. Daily Rental
- Allows passenger to use vehice/driver for 8 hours

IV. Point to Point
- Pickup from one location and drop-off to another non airport location

I. Full Size: Toyota Camry or similiar

II. Minivan: Buick GL8 or similiar

III. Luxury: Audi A6 or similiar

I. Offline Credit Card Charge
- This is the preffered method of payment
- Provide your CC number during the reservation process and the Hertz
finance team will manually charge your credit card after the service has been completed

II. Bank Transfer
- This option is only available for clients with corporate contracts with Hertz

This is an authorization of 1.5 times the basic rental amount and is used to cover any potential extra costs that may be incurred during the rental and to ensure that the credit card provided has the sufficient funds to cover the expense
Please contact our reservations team to obtain a fapiao/Receipts for the completed charges
The driver will send you a text message 15-30 minutes prior to the pickup time with the pickup details
Contact our service hotline at 86 21-22315278.